Thesis Capstone: Kansas, Amber Waves of Wheat

This project is probably the hardest thing I've ever completed, and for that reason it's my favorite. This thesis required me to write a paper with a topic of my choosing. I decided to go with beer culture and it's history in Kansas. I researched for months using any book I could find and I even reached out to a higher up from Free-state Brewery in Lawrence to do an interview. The research aspect turned out to be extremely interesting. With the research I designed a book with pictures I had taken at various breweries that I built a connection with. I also used my research to find ingredients for my own personalized home-brew. I gathered ingredients from all local Kansas businesses to create a Dark Wheat beer using Sorghum as a main element. I brewed the beer and took all necessary precautions to make sure it came out how I had planned. Once finished, I bottled the beer and began to do more design. I created the personalized name and logo for the beer bottles as well as designing the packaging that they could be bought in. This project got shifted towards the end due to the Pandemic. School closed and I had to take the rest of the project online, I had my finished beer but I had to just create mockups for the packaging. I learned how to use Adobe Dimension and created these high resolution mockups. This project required a lot of learning, first off I had to gather the information for the writing aspect, then I had to learn how to make beer, and lastly I had to teach myself a new program. I'm really proud of this project and all the work that went into it.