Evergreen Homes KC

This Logo was created for a client beginning his career in Real Estate. He came to me looking for a logo that could show the possible growth and strength of his business. He chose the name Evergreen Homes KC because he loves Christmas and Christmas trees. The best thing about the tree is it already shows potential growth and strength. I decides to go with the taller, sharper looking tree with a two tone shading. The final design shows the strongest part of a tree represented by a home, the trunk is the support that holds up the rest of the tree. I wanted the home to show potential for a base, as start for a new family. Working up the tree, you can see 3 parts making up the shape of the famous pine. The left side of the tree shows light, similar to how the sun hits a roof during the day. The client and I were very happy with the finished version of this logo. I hope I get the chance to do more client work like this in the future.