Kansas, Amber Waves of Wheat Thesis

Kansas, Amber Waves of Wheat is my thesis project based on research I completed during my senior year. The class was tasked with writing about a topic that interested us, the main guideline was that it needed to be within the state of Kansas. I chose to write about beer culture in Kansas, this included a brief history of beer around the world, as well as in Kansas; then I explained the current beer culture.

From there I chose to create my own home-brew for my thesis project. I gave myself restrictions which made the journey more exciting, I wanted to use ingredients from Kansas. I found local suppliers and native crops through lots of research. I ended up getting wheat and yeast from a local home-brewing shop in Manhattan, I met Jeff from Missouri Malting at the airport just to get sorghum syrup sourced from the Kansas area, and I got hops grown in Ottawa from Kansas Hop Co.

Kansas History and the ingredients I chose helped influence my design of this project. I wanted a name that represented the German immigrants that started the brewing industry in Kansas, but also reflected something more personal. Hopfig Hase means "Hoppy Hare" which is suitable for both a rabbit and a beer. The logo I designed shows this relationship between hops and the hare once again. The color green represents not only the color of hops, but also the color of the plains seen here in Kansas. As for the yellow, it is representative of the wheat produced locally. With my type, I wanted to reflect some more of the German styling. Lastly, the label itself is in the shape of Kansas, once again showing the relationship this beer has with local history and culture.

 © 2018 by Andrew Hare.

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