Satellite Shaving 

Satellite Shaving is my version of a branding and packaging project. I had plans to create physical pieces, but due to the current situation I had to adapt. I created these products using Adobe Dimension and Illustrator.

My idea for this project was to create a new age version of old styled shaving products. Believe it or not, there is a resurgence of people that want to or already do shave with straight razors and safety razors. The issue I have with these products is the design choice, most brands choose a more antique route to show the time when these were the mainstream shaving products.

With Satellite Shaving, I wanted to create the design around the idea of exploring something new. I want people to explore the world of shaving, so I am representing that with the theme of space exploration. The skin being like the surface of a new planet ready to be discovered by spacecraft. Each title relates to an aspect of the unknown galaxy and the colors are similar to the protective layering worn by astronauts. The logo itself shows both the shape of a classic razor blade used in safety razors, and the satellites used to gather information from space.

 © 2018 by Andrew Hare.

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