The Dominating Industries of Fighting Kansas

This exhibit poster was created for a project where we had to include 3 students thesis topics, our own and 2 others, into a single design. The biggest challenge was finding topics that relate to each-other, even though they were inherently different. In researching my classmates projects, I learned that the aviation and livestock industries were huge in Kansas at certain points in history. While I played around through design, I found an image of a bomber and related the shape of the bombs to the shape of beer. From that point I never stopped designing this poster, I was constantly changing the colors and scale of my illustrations and extending the length of the page. I landed on this long banner as the final shape because it helps show the size and greatness of each industry.

The idea behind the exhibit is to show how these 3 industries helped shape Kansas by showing important pieces from each topics history.

 © 2018 by Andrew Hare.

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